Yellow Millet

Quality that you can taste

Grown from fertile soils along the 43°N latitude

Brand Story

Once an imperial tribute to emperors, grains from Jilin are cultivated in ideal weather conditions and one of only three known black soil belts in the world

The “Alternative Ginseng Soup"

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that millet is a healthy alkaline food with a sweet and savoury taste. Its numerous highly beneficial qualities aid in balancing one’s body constitution. Suitable for the elderly, patients, pregnant and postpartum women, millet is thus often referred to as the “Alternative Ginseng Soup”.

Harvested once every year

Most crops around the world typically sow and harvest multiple times a year. In Jilin, because of its long winter, crops can only be sowed and harvested once a year. With an extended resting period of the soil, our grains are provided with the most optimal conditions for growth and nutrients retention.

Fertile lands​

​Harvested just once a year from the green and unpolluted lands of Jilin, our millets are rich in calcium, potassium and many other minerals. ​

Inter-changing humidity levels of the soil prevents fungal growth and boosts a rich deposit of calcium carbonate, phosphorus, potassium. The saline soil is also ideal for the growth of grains, with Jilin popularly known as the ‘granary of China’  

Ideal weather conditions

Millets mature faster than other grains and require stronger sunlight for optimal growth. Located along 43° north latitude, millets in Jilin enjoy ample amounts of sunlight with just the right amount of water. 

Product Information

Product of Jilin​

​Available in 500g​

​Air-tight packaging​

​Storage method: Cool dry place​

​Shelf life: 18 months

Storage Tips

Place peppercorns in porous bags and store them together with millets to prevent bug infestation. 

Nutrition Information


1511kj per 100g

18% NRV


9.0g per 100g

12% NRV

Total Fat

0g per 100 g

0% NRV


75.7g per 100 g

25% NRV


6mg per 100g

0% NRV