Red Kidney Beans

Quality that you can taste

Grown from fertile soils along the 43°N latitude

Brand Story

Once an imperial tribute to emperors, agricultural products from Jilin are cultivated in ideal weather conditions and one of only three known black soil belts in the world

Quality beans from Jilin

Kidney beans cultivated in Jilin are not only uniform in size, but also carry full and attractive appearance with a natural sheen. 

Ideal cultivation environment

Beans grown in Jilin thrive in ideal weather conditions. They are cultivated with water from mountain springs, as well as clean and unpolluted air. 

High nutritional value

Packed full of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, copper, iron, folate, manganese, vitamin K1, thiamin and phosphorus, kidney beans have been known to reduce the risks of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

The "Alternative Meat"

Kidney beans are an excellent source of plant-based protein. Each cup provides over 15 grams of protein and is a substantial alternative to meat. 

Preparation method

Soak beans overnight or at least for 8 hours before using.  

Product Information

Product of Jilin​

​Available in 500g​

​Air-tight packaging​

​Storage method: Cool dry place​

​Shelf life: 18 months

Nutrition Information


299Kcal per 100g

15% NRV


23.4g per 39g

39% NRV

Total Fat

1.4g per 100 g

2% NRV


47.4g per 100 g

16% NRV


0mg per 100g

0% NRV