Jilin Japonica Rice

Goodness in every grain, imperial quality for your everyday meals.

Quality that you can taste

Grown from fertile soils along the 43°N latitude

Brand Story

Once an imperial tribute to emperors, grains from Jilin are cultivated in ideal weather conditions and one of only three known black soil belts in the world

Fertile lands

Jilin in northeast China is widely known a key production base for quality japonica rice.


Situated along one of only three known black soil belts in the world, the soil in Jilin is rich, dense and free of heavy metal pollutants.


Harvested just once a year, our japonica rice absorbs the most from the goodness of the earth.

Pristine waters

Tapping its waters from the reservoir upstream, japonica rice from Jilin is well watered with national grade level potable water.  

Ideal weather conditions

Grown under weather conditions similar to Hokkaido, Japan’s most agriculturally rich prefecture, our japonica rice crops enjoy the best temperature variation and sunlight exposure for healthy growth.


Food safety is our priority

Based on food safety systems of Singapore’s Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA), our products abide by a set of international food safety standards from farm to table.

Product Information

Product of Jilin

Available in 2.5kg and 5kg

Vacuum packed for maximum freshness

Storage method: Cool dry place

Shelf life: 18 months

Storage Tips

Store garlic cloves together with rice in air-tight storage boxes to keep the weevils away.


You can also put star anis in porous bags and place them together with your rice.

Nutrition Information

334kcal per 100g

17% NRV


7.3g per 100g

12% NRV


0g per 100 g

0% NRV

Total Fat

75.7g per 100 g

25% NRV


6mg per 100g

0% NRV