Coix Seeds (Chinese Barley)

Quality that you can taste

Grown from fertile soils along the 43°N latitude

Brand Story

Once an imperial tribute to emperors, grains from Jilin are cultivated in ideal weather conditions and one of only three known black soil belts in the world

Quality grains from Jilin

The organic range of coix seeds cultivated in Jilin are free of harmful chemicals. These milky white grains are not only uniform in size, but also carry full and attractive appearance with a natural sheen. 

More commonly known as Chinese barley, coix seeds differ from pearl barley, which are smaller in size and known to have lesser medicinal value.

Ideal cultivation environment

Grains grown in Jilin thrive in ideal weather conditions. They are cultivated with water from mountain springs, as well as clean and unpolluted air. 

High nutritional value

Coix seeds are high in protein and contain essential amino acids and vitamin B, which are typically sourced from meat. 

Use in Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM has classified coix seeds to have "cooling" properties, and are typically consumed to clear heat, which is especially common for those exposed to hot, humid weather, and fried and spicy foods. 

The Alternative Immunity Booster

Coix seeds are traditionally used in treating constipation, abdominal bloating, diarrhea and also contains anti-allergic properties. 

Preparation methods

Traditionally cooked and consumed as a drink, coix seeds can also be used in desserts, salads and soups..

Product Information

Product of Jilin​

​Available in 500g​

​Air-tight packaging​

​Storage method: Cool dry place​

​Shelf life: 18 months

Nutrition Information


378Kcal per 100g

19% NRV


14.9g per 100g

25% NRV

Total Fat

5.4g per 100 g

9% NRV


66.5g per 100 g

22% NRV


0mg per 100g

0% NRV