Black Fungus

Quality that you can taste

Grown from fertile soils along the 43°N latitude

Brand Story

Once an imperial tribute to emperors, agricultural products from Jilin are cultivated in ideal weather conditions and one of only three known black soil belts in the world

Quality fungus from Jilin

Located along the 43rd parallel north latitude and close to the Changbai mountain range, Jilin's mountainous terrain and cold winters make it ideal as a production base for black fungus 

Ideal cultivation environment

Fungus grown in Jilin thrive in ideal weather conditions. They are cultivated in well-forested areas with water from mountain springs, as well as clean and unpolluted air. 

Using land cultivation methods, the fungus are planted in rows of potted wood chips. Jilin's black fungus are characteristic for its springy texture that gives it a nice crunch.

High nutritional value

Black fungus are rich in protein and low in fat. They also contain a high dietary fibre content and contains iron, vitamin B1, B2 and carotene.​

Great for skin 

Black fungus contain melanin that can help to improve blood circulation, improve skin tone and reduce skin pigmentation. 

Detoxifying your body

In Traditional Chinese Medicine studies, black fungus are known to help dissolve gallstones, kidney stones and bladder stones.

Hot Pot Black Fungus and Cold Mix Black Fungus

Now available for both hot pot and cold mix, you can enjoy the same great taste with different cooking methods!

Cold mix black fungus is smaller in size so that you can enjoy the goodness of it whole with just one bite!  

Product Information

Product of Jilin​

​Available in 100g​

​Air-tight packaging​

​Storage method: Cool dry place​

​Shelf life: 24 months

Nutrition Information


215Kcal per 100g

11% NRV


10.0g per 100g

17% NRV

Total Fat

0.8g per 100 g

1% NRV


41.2g per 100 g

14% NRV


70mg per 100g

4% NRV