Kimchi Fried Rice

400g Steamed Fragrance 43°N Jilin Japonica Rice
120g Korean kimchi
80g Korean chilli paste
5 Fresh eggs
40g White onion slices
20g Korean sesame oil
4g Korean black pepper powder
4g Fine salt
40ml Cooking oil
40g Butter

  • Heat oil and butter in a pan, add onion slices and fry till fragrant. Still in four eggs till cooked. Add in kimchi, chilli paste and rice. Stir fry till ingredients are well mixed and rice is warm.

  • Remove from the heat and dish onto serving plates.

  • Separately, fry last egg and julienne.

  • Garnish plated rice with thinly sliced fried eggs and fried shallots.


Remark: Chicken slices or prawns may be added.

Kimchi Fried Rice